Billy rides again
2000 album •
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Recording Process: Before it used to be that any cool digital recording equipment was outrageously expensive- but then really good quality equipment started coming out- which allowed us to capitalize on the kind of playing you get when the clock's not running. When you're in a studio, and you're paying through the nose, you hurry up like mad to get done without forfeiting your own brane. and it increases the tension- and THAT hurts the creativity of making music. ...but in your own studio, the clock is NOT running, and if it takes you five hours to get a ten second decent take you don't sweat it. You go "cool". however.... here's the tricky part... you then LEAVE, and go directly to a large studio to MIX the album, with a kickass engineer- like our engineer Masa (we wish he was ours!) who can be impartial in a way that no one IN the band ever could- because of that: a pro can be impartial, and also- it doesn't hurt if he's a genius. (like Masa) so that's what we did

recognize this? • it's cj's ticket on the paris subway • look closely at the CD cover:

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My Friend Jim
The Cindy Thing
Ton Up Boys
Vise Grips
Locust Way

secret track :
Fat Pig (live)

REVIEW from WEA (Durham, England) • "...well recorded original collection... CD starts with a country swagger on My Friend Jim, the vocal a "Stranglers-like" growl and some good, tight riffing...Cindy Thing is one minute, eleven seconds of spiky Yank-punk, ...clangy bass playing on the Haunted Tale Writhe....Locust Way where the singer tells us what he demands out of life. "I want to listen to The Cure..." is surely the most bizarre request.... this album echoes the rainy, rough Pacific Northwest landscape...."

Siege (On the song Locust Way:) "yeah, I saw that review - with the thing about the "singer's demands" ...that was good... but seriously, remember in the old days and you'd get an apartment, and all it would have in it was a rug. So you would buy a pack of cigarettes and a red light bulb- the reason for the red light bulb was because it was cool. And that was your budget for the year. So you'd sit on the floor and say 'Society sucks, man...' And then you'd get a job at a crappy fast food place, usually as a dishwasher. They always changed the hours in a cretinous rotating schedule. You'd be working 14 hours one day, and the next, you'd have two hours.

there was always a girl about two years older than you (about 19) who was really hot, but mysteriously busy that day. (ie not interested in you) in fact, every day. And usually this girl would have three boyfriends who drove Oldmobiles. And you couldn't compete with that, all you had was a bicycle.

what does it say about Cindy Thing? spiky Yank Punk? that's cool- and true even, so it's funny that originally I was imitating the Brit Band WIRE!


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