Intermittent Billy
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Jonathan Stuart listens over the shoulder of engineer Masa Fukudome during the mixdown of Intermittent Billy. Note the Ravenous T-Shirt!

• • ...finally the day was here. I got up and made a chart of the songs... my truck wouldnıt start! As we left the house- (one calm April morning) Jonathan and I were off with a conversation about why we felt nervous- But it was happening. Wow. Jonathanıs Toyota is very old now.... and creaks.

• • At the studio we met Masa. He was different than the person I expected....

apparently a studly character- Masa impressed us right away- for one thing he was familiar with all the bands we champion: Stranglers, WIRE, etc. and immediately the coolness began: he directed Ken to tape a speaker to the top of a snare drum, and put a mic underneath it!

I marveled- I never would have thought of that- running the snare track to the speaker, and miking that snare underneath to add to the original track...and the bass to a Giant SVT cabinet. and the listening through a zillion dollar Neumann mic. Masa kept running through the studio to adjust the Bass sound....

When we got to Locust Way, Masa rushed abruptly down through the doorway to change some nuance of the Bass Amp sound, and Duncan said -

³itıs always cool to see someone other than ourselves running to make sure that stuff sounds great..!²

Here are the cover and the inside of Nobody Home's CD: these files are long, so you may have to scroll along, but you can see how clean it is. There are FOUR panels, but in reality the cover panel (with the red caharcters) is #3, because both ends are folded in. The inside cover is below, and is shown as it appears when you unfold it. -siege

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