Glossary of Words
which were necessary to invent, by the a group of friends, all band members and ex-band members of NOBODY HOME, ZAMO, QUICK SKILLET DINNER.

Our parents and other adult people who should have known better told us not to exclude others with our SECRET LANGUAGE. Hello? What is that about?! These words were invented by nine people or so - us three, and our close friends-not for any secret reason! When some sucky social shit was going on in high school, we started playing around with the words, and it made us laff like idiots....

So they are completely idiotic, and if they exclude you, then you are not part of the NEW PROGRAM.

WARNING: These words are infectious, especially the RED ones. If you don't want to start using these, or for them to start taking over your life, then don't look at them!

Adjusting - Mostly used to mean what people are doing when they are wasting time or late- and it doesn't mean anything specific . "What's Duncan doing ? How come he isn't here ?" "-oh well he's adjusting..."

After that was over- A term which means either:

a) The event didn't happen
b) it didn't last-
c) the plan changed, the guy died, something else occurred instead.

Alright! - this, said very briskly and happily meaning a job very badly done

Amazing but dumb - A Duncan term meaning SURPRISE! Used like this: "I went out to the car, and amazing but dumb! The battery was dead..." This appeared, disappeared a bit later.

And then Don - A difficult term to define. It has meant YOU ARE SPEAKING TOO LOUDLY, or there is too much noise in here. Generally barked, SWAT team commander style, in a monotone, and to no one in particular.

Bahb - A puffy-cheeked greasy boy cartoon character invented by Duncan, who would make sure to remind us in a kindly manner - "Don't be Bahb." Bahb appeared, early on, was a hit, and reappears like a guest on the Tonight Show.

There's a Bad Joke - A reaction word for bad luck, just what it sounds like.

Barnzo Shoes - "Topsiders" deck shoes. We hated them because: a) they were so mindless anyway, but also b) because they sort of represented the contemptuous preppyness that we didn't. We couldn't afford it either.

The Big Plywood Friends of Jesus - The name of a song which was composed on the spot by Nick Huff. Greg and I were present, and I'd give money to have a recording of it. It included the lyrics "JoJo comes out in his sharkskin nightgown, he'll mow your lawn for a dollar ninety three..." This term became one of the heavily used plug-ins in 1992-94, for example: "I'll be there ten minutes late, because I have to slip by the Big Plywood Friends of Jesus Factory..." Which could mean I have to return this video before breakfast. It takes twice as long to say but that doesn't seem to matter.

Billondrious - This name was the evolution perhaps of Blonde and Bill, meaning a glamorous, but vapid female.

Bob - An angry exclamation when something goes wrong. Also building block word like Banjo, still in heavy use.
"Bob" gave way to Bobnibl, Bobnote,Bobbyheaventuba (which is in itself an amazing piece of cretinism)

Brief Commercial - This is almost a disclaimer meaning "HOLD IT- I have a short anecdote which needs to be inserted right here over the top of whatever you are saying because of the relevance." The disclaimer aspect of it is understood on the part of the other person that he need not be offended at being cut off because the smaller story supplements the larger story somehow.

Chasmagaha - Invented by Jim. The objections, nagging, or interference given by one's parents. Used often in an overheard situation.

C'MON! - This is a normally the slang contraction of "come on", but in this instance has meaning similar to "sic." Pronounced with abrupt dismay. It implies IRONY, and here is being said by the half that doesn't get it.

The Corpse Grinder - A hideous invention of Duncan and Jim, which functions as one might imagine, with a bored scruffy attendant named Bill. He had one giant lever to operate the Corpse Grinder with, and was generally seen muttering "durn corpses..." to himself. We later discovered to our chagrin that it had become the name of a band which had nothing to do with us.

Crapadoodlious This is a reaction word, and secondarily an adjective-
In a way I hate to have to include this word because it is so juvenile when you realize what it is, and that you just said it, but it is bizarrely infectious, -partly because it is so silly.
But it also deserves credit for longevity. It appeared originally as an adjustment of the Duncan word "Flunkadoodle" which you said right before taking an exam which you knew you would fail hideously. Then it vanished, and only much later- around 1991, did it mystically arrive again from nowhere and gave way to new and cretinous variations like crap-1-doodle...

De-Hornulate - Also a Greg word, means get off the phone.

Dial Board - A Duncan and Christopher idea, from high school. The dial board was a large console/array/area covered with incredibly impressive dials, gauges and LED's which weren't actually attached to anything, or at best did nothing useful.

Djique - A Greg word, from Jack -used for addressing each other in a pseudo threatening way, as in "Listen Djique, I'm gonna make you wish to God you were at the Dentist's office...."

The Don Machine - This obscure, but cool invention was a mechanical head which simply uttered the word "DON" over and over again. It had no purpose other than "to be great", i.e. nothing at all.

Dzn, Dzn - This sound effect was a motor sound, or more the sound of a mechanized Robot who was observing you with contempt. This is how Duncan characterized the attitudes of some of the in-crowd as they looked at you.

Eddie - A building block word appearing in 1987. Introduced by Jonathan, from "Strangers In Paradise", a movie by Jim Jarmusch. It gave way to eddihaus, and Edless.

Eddihaus - 1. A reaction word for mildly bad situations.
2. For mulling (as in "Hmm.")
3. For self-conscious or mild embarrassments. (See "Hi!")
This Germanic word came from Eddie, and seemed to be a hit, appeared around 1988. It was then lengthened by Chris Livesay, partially as a satire of the way our words evolve anyway, to the ultimate Eddihausenheimerhausenflugen." Luckily Livz was the only one to use this word...

Esselent - Another purposefully mindless mispronunciation. (excellent) see "Perfik" for a full explanation.

Factory Power - Means excellent. The origins of this are a mystery, possibly picked up from our reading of motorcycle magazines. Used heavily.

Fantastic Don - Was this an actual character or was it more of a term, an extension of Fantastic ? If it was a character the notable thing about [him] was how cool his name was.

Festivalia - Same as Superpinky, or Factory Power, meaning excellent, from Duncan

Festivalize - {verb} to fix, deal with, or do - to something. Often meaning to make something cooler better faster than it was. Speaker & Listener both understand, because of the context what the speaker means. "these postcards have to be festivalized before we send them out..." (meaning put stamps on them, or whatever)
"we're going to festivalize this old motocross bike"
(fix it up, make it really go)

Flangula - A happy exclamation word fr Duncan, which (like Factory Power) - FLANGULA can also mean that guy thinks he is way too cool

FNZA! - a Jim word meaning Voila.

Funny - adj; an early word meaning very attractive (female)

Gosharama - is a word to be used in mock horror. The meaning evolved into "Big Deal" (in the sarcastic sense) or "you're making a mountain out of a Molehill." The advent of -arama as a suffix was introduced by Lahly Poore, and it took like mad.

Gribble - The Heavyweight alternative of the Reaction Word Hibble used as much for as long in this form, whereas Hibble was also a verb. See Hibble

Gros - (with a short o) - like Gross (an English word) but used to build better words with the same meaning; grahs, Grossula, Grozl...

Helloheads - [3] indicates mystery same as Wischt, Questiontuba, or Mystic Piglets.

Hi. - a Jonathan term, always in the smallest voice, is what you say when you've just done something embarrassing, or when you're self concious, or when you're in the way, and know it. Related to but not directly analogous to the wave you give some one after inadvertently cutting them off in traffic. Hi There means this is serious- or formidable, (the Cat amongst the Pidgeons) Duncan might look at a very large 128-Channel SSL Mixing board, and say Hi There softly, meaning this is mighty impressive, or he might say it while looking at the hi-tech 1000cc Britten, or an illustration of the city of Troy...

Hibble - A reaction word - Originally it was sort of a word that could be substituted for anythingfrom the mouth of a mindless sorority girl, or anyone arguing or discussion which doesn't matter. Gave way to Gribble, Gerble, Nibbl, Scribble, Scibl, Squibble all of which mean the same thing. But Hibble is also a verb, unlike most of its alternates.
"They were hibbling about who got to sit in the front sat, so we were late..." • "he was hibbling about fine details of Race Bike set-up when he needed to just get some basic track time in..."

Hitzism - a religion Duncan invented, or was it a Program, the way Structuralism seemed to be for the French

Mike Telephone - This was Christopher's invention, a reporter who spoke with greatly exaggerated mouth movements to enhance his super-clear pronunciation. There are recordings of this, but it was the idea and not the tapes which mattered in the long run.

Mystic Piglets - this lighthearted term means the same thing as "thats weird" or "I wasn't expecting that" . You might say it upon being told that your best friend just left to climb Mount Everest, when you didn't even know he liked hiking.

Neatly Dressed Machine Gun Killer - A humourous and Ridiculous Concept, the NDMG Killer always appears in an immaculate Armani Suit, smiling and always saying "Hi." Right before he kills you.

Nepuba Sauce - A Duncan invention. The most revolting substance, with all the trimmings; a paspy texture, a horrifying stench- Nepuba Sauce generally is either SERVED Up by some Odious Chef, or is seeping out of the Ground somewhere. The other food items most closely connected with Nepuba Sauce were STINKBEANS, over which NEPUBA SAUCE is generally poured.... We laffed our socks off over these inventions, but the others were forgotten, and Nepuba Sauce became the archetype for any truly sickening substance.

New - same as bad. -in the charts for ages.

The NEW PLAN - often as- "it's part of the new plan..." (said with the intonation of great confidence)this term appeared early, and remained in the charts forever, partly because it was nebulous.
It means :
1. Our perception of what other people think is a tremendous idea (linked to C'mon) that might well be a bad idea, " invading Russia in Winter" • • • 'cause it was great. It was part of the New Plan..."
2. Or a large and abstract unknowable thing, like "the reason that lemmings rush into the sea is because it's part of the New Plan..."
3. Sometimes the reason for nothing at all. One day in highschool Duncan sat waiting for his ride home from school. There were two girls there for some reason, waiting for their Moms, and asking him a question every five seconds. Why he did this or that, why he had that book, why nine things, he answered that it was part of the new plan. Then they asked him what the New Plan was. He answered with a confidential tone that it was part of the New Plan. They hibbled and said the New Plan ? the New Plan ? what's the New Plan ??? Then they gave up and asked their teacher, who was been overhearing all this why something about scoolwork or something like that, and he answered with quiet reassurance that it was part of the NEW PLAN. They went what the fuck is going on?

the NEW PROGRAM - someone who thinks he part of the NEW PROGRAM thinks he is cooler than cool. Said with a ironic tone of haughty arrogance. Also an alternate version of the New Plan,see above.

Nine5teen - pronounced ninfiveteen - from ZAMO (Chris Sehmel) meaning the same thing as etcetera, etcetera and so on and so on...*

Perfik - This is a vacuous mispronunciation of perfect, perfik means the ballpark equivalent of this is sloppy or this is badly done. Let's say I made a poster for the band, and forgot to put on the date. If I then quickly wrote it in with a black marker, Duncan might look at me with a vapid smile, and say "Perfik!"

Phoneless - adj. Weak or lame fr. Boneless, eg spineless.

Pigletary - adj. Just what it sounds like. Mindless, rude, cretinous etc.

Plontz - means Hmm....

Program - (noun) this is a complex one in an ethereal way. It refers to unreasonable reactions, behavior, or objections to otherwise normal situations usually by women. (is that a fair statement ?)

Q - ( as in AREA Q ) This is a tough one, especially to file alphabetically because either one can change. It might be Neighborhood N but Q seems to be the obvious first one. So this term is used to signify that you've been unaware of it. For example when you drive through the city that you live in, but part that you've never seen before, you might say Area Q. Or Neighborhood N. -meaning "Hmm. I've never seen this neighborhood before..." If someone has an obscure plan, one might say "concept Q".

Questiontuba - a ridiculous word means the same thing as "thats weird" or "I wasn't expecting that" . From Duncan still in use

Quickism - was the philosophy of CHARGING AHEAD, spawned when one day someone said "You can't get a PA System. How're you going to get a PA System ?" Duncan angrily said, "QUICKLY". And Quickism was born. It wasn't so much that anyone was being "drastic", as we were fond of saying, as it was that a little bit of gumption goes a long way. Something about snapping to the next thing you needed to do, the way that a steel trap snaps, seemed, and felt excellent. We didn't have to fight alligators and dig in Salt Mines to get the PA System, we just phoned up Guitar Center and rented a PA for a night. But quickly stuck in our minds, and remained on the charts....

Ready? - Pronounced quite clearly, Mike Telephone Style, with equal accents on both syllables, was a Duncanism which meant
1) it's time to leave
2) that's mighty impressive/serious. ( same as Hi There. )
Johnny suggested that READY? may have come originally from "Ready? Change"
which was the call to change lab positions from our idiotic 9th grade biology teacher....

The Rotting Bob Doll - a Duncan & Jim invention, I think partially in response to all the dolls that seemed to be on the market in the late seventies which threw up, and did all kinds of gros realistic stuff. You helped him rot.

Sarged - (hard G) If you fell into a meat grinder (or maybe the Corpse Grinder) you'd be SARGED. Duncan & Jim invented this word {who would have guessed?} Used as much figuratively as literally..."go out on stage w/o knowing yor lines, and you'll be sarg'd."

Scenes - A plug in word for any object or place, "hand me those scenes over there..."

Sicknibble, Siknabl - Means disgusting! Often pronounced as if your mouth was asleep from Novacaine. Duncan.

sick - [building block word} which is an English word, but used as the basis for numerous words which mean disgusting...sicknibl, sock, soggle, sogularia, sack news.

Soggle - A reaction word for anything revolting. gave way to Soggularian (adj.) which means disgusting. from the word sick.

The Strange Box - See WAZNA.

Superpinky - originally was the name of a hard pink rubber ball that Jim had in high school. They gave me a cassette with the two of them laughing about it. Then for whatever reason the word re-appeared in 1993 meaning excellent, sort of an extension of Super. Same meaning as Factory Power.

Sur-le Pinquoise - French for SuperPinky, literally "on the pink". Ok- not really but it sounds good.

Time Wasting Experience - Exactly what it sounds like.

Variable - A girl, or that girl.

Wazna - is what was heard when "hello" was spoken into a mic running through the STRANGE BOX which was a Effect - a Jim invention along about the time that we began to aquire band gear, esp. Footpedals.

WISCHT - This is the reaction word for mystery. "How odd.." would be the English equivalent. THE Heavyweight in the usage department, and the catchiness dept. Too. Pronounced as the whispered word "wished". Alternate pronunciations have appeared, a) as the word wished said normally, b)from Jonathan would be spelled "ssssssst."

The Wolf Pack - Duncan's word for the in-crowd at high school.

(X+5) - This term means etcetera appeared in highschool, and was used to death, then disappeared.

Zong, ZongKing - These words came from Zott which was the Charlie word halfway between NOT! and the sound of the buzzer from a game show when you got the answer wrong. Then I changed it to ZONG! which was like WRONG! Charlie hated it because it seemed so off to him. Then Duncan added the King, and after that was over all of them faded out.

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