Facts from Späce
about Seattle's Most Hated Punk band

Duncan plays the Drums backwards.

• Jonathan made up Christopher's other name (Siege) a long time ago. Siege = CJ

• As a youngster Duncan dismantled telephones to see if he could bug them. Later he modified two cassette decks to create an analog delay, cutting slots in the side... "they didn't run at the same speed though ...which was a problem..."

• LOCUST WAY is actually a road up by that Guitar Place with the wildly expensive stuff.

• some equipment notes:
••• Duncan plays Gretsch & Ludwig Drums ³with at least one Drum Workshop pedal...which is the only one thatıs any good...²
••• Jonathan plays a 56 Les Paul, a 66 Mustang, and a Telecaster
Christopher plays a 72 Tele Bass, (which he loves to bits) and a 61 Jazz, and he has a 67 Six, but says itıs useless.

Christopher found a little photograph of a gravestone in an old magazine, wrote a song about it (the CHILD) and went to England to find it, and did.

• Duncan makes Beer in his basement with plumbing parts from a Hardware Store, and cools it with a heat exchanger designed to cool a laser.

• RAVENOUS RECORDS is Nobody Home's Private Label, since the first single in 1990. The two previous releases -WISCHT and the CHRISTMAS ALBUM were re-released in 1994 on the Ravenous Label, so if you have either w/o the Ravenous Trademark, hold on to them- they're collector items!

• our parents told us not to exclude others (?) with our secret language.

• Jonathan has a whole bunch of cryptic tiny little ancient guitar amps from the 50s which are all light brown

Christopher & Jonathan race Vintage Motocross Bikes and Jonathan is faster.

Comparison Chart
Duncan Christopher (Siege)
Latest Favorite Color
pale green
Latest Favorite Drink
Vodka Cranberry
Whisky & Soda
Latest Favorite Album
Roy Clark's G. Hits
Basement Jax
Comfort Eagle (Cake)
Favorite Motorcycle X6 Hustler
750 SS Ducati
77 YZ400
Latest Fave Automobile
Nash Metropolitan
'70 Challenger
A6GCS Maserati)
Latest Favorite phrase
16000 foot View
every day...
Favorite Tool
Chop Saw

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