equipment period
This page concerns the period after the band was formed where we learned to do what bands do.

SIEGE: Jonathan figured out a lot of tricky guitar technique, but all I did was try to play other songs that I liked. But I discovered I had no brain: I had no chops, no ability, couldn't read music. I was pretty sure I could write the lyrics though. (Looking back, I'm not so sure.) I wrote a whole bunch of songs and eventually I got something that was halfway together.

DUNCAN: (this text from a phone message, and two conversations-) Ok it is I right about the time period past 81 which is incredibly dim in my memory but uh... I'll give it a shot....

I remember of course we'd just finished forming the scene & so and we'd just graduated from High Skuule so getting together was a major issue in & of itself because we were not in the same location, we had to drive ... be great and assemble everything and jerry rig all kinds of stuff together in all kinds of random locations.

Um... and so that was moving out of the cretinous stuff like the time I left my hi-hat ...don....out in the rain in front of the chapel... cause I thought I packed everything up- actually I was completely burnt. and moving into a time of assembling more gear - definitely ...around that time... I changed some things about my gear, ...I hadn't gotten my roto toms yet, even though that was a brief phase which faded in and faded right back out again....

But I know that you Christopher certainly got some different and much cooler gear in & around that time I think you got your bass- one of your cool favorite basses ....the tele.

SIEGE: well a couple of guys I'd met at school who later became very close lonmgtiome friends) told me to forget about the cheap bass I'd been looking at, (I'm ashamed to repoprt it was a Hondo Longhorn) and suggested that I buy the Fender Telecaster that a friend of theirs was selling.

Looking back of COURSE it was the thing to do- those guys were Nick & Greg who became very fast friends- Nick Huff & Greg Williamson guitar player & drummer of Zamo. NOBODY HOME was later to do lots of shows with this band.


cheap mic stands from hell

Above: the elements of the day: lots of wires, and soldering, that awful cheap Mike Stand that would never stay up- Jonathan drilled holes in it to pin it- with a NAIL! lyrics to SIBERIAN ANGEL (which is on the album WISCHT) complete with water stains from the Dishwashing Job I was on at the time. - CJ

Siege: "I used to carry around that little spiral notebook- and write songs when I was a dishwasher- with a fountain pen- so the lyrics and music were faded from water splashing up onto the shelf where they were... look at the water stains"

Siege's now much modified 1972 Fender Telecaster Bass

telecasters rule

DUNCAN: Jonathan was of course experimenting with 5 different guitars in various rebuilt phases. Like he had all kinds of pickup action going on he changed stock to Seymour Duncans' I think? some weird rock & roll Anthrax-meets-Spock heavy metal humbucker dudefactory extra loud pickups which he wouldn't be caught dead with now...but back then it was the new program- it was gonna be great- wischt......and lots of, ya know, adjustments thru different amps. I think Jonathan's equipment was still the.. what the hell was that amp? That little tiny amp that had the stereo thing? the Gallien Kruger- it was before then- but I think it was post-era of the, uh... what the hell was that weird Gibson Amp that he had? the Gibson TuneSmith ...(laughs) wischt and before the GK and of course before the mighty Marshall Stack... and of course experimenting with lots of cretinous stomp-boxes, like Phasers, and double Straighteners. Um, so that was cool, and then we were writing lots & lots of stuff at 500 miles an hour.... lots of cool sure did...(added Duncan wryly)

Crappy Dishwasher/Fast Food segment, and Duncan's wry cartoon about the dishwasher itself....

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